The Brand

Wolf cooking appliances were introduced by Sub Zero in the year 2000, bringing a company with 8 decades of high quality commercial cooking products and advancements to the residential appliance market. This introduction made a strong impact on the sector, branded by their trademarked Red knobs, Wolf cooking products are easily spotted in kitchens across America. Over the years Wolf has continued to broaden their appliance offering which now includes, Ranges, Rangetops, Cooktops, Ventilation, Wall Ovens, Microwaves, Coffee Makers and grills. 


Cooking Appliances

Wolf cooking products are not only built to last and provide superior performance, they are also built to be a seamless addition to your home, space, or design concept. Whether you are after a professional, contemporary, or transitional look, Wolf has the function and design required for
your project.

The Professional Series offers the iconic look of a commercial grade cooking appliance for a
residential application, featuring a robust handle that can be used throughout the appliance package.

The Contemporary Series offers a minimalistic look to match modern clean line design concepts. This series also offers a handleless oven with a push to slow open feature.


The Transitional series is a versatile look that can be used in various applications from modern to traditional, featuring a tubular handle, this transitional look can be matched to the other appliances in the package.

When performance matters, Wolf is a name that stands for simplification of cooking, allowing a homeowner to cook meals that rival the taste created by chefs in a commercial kitchen.