The Brand

Sub-Zero, the manufacturer of Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Appliances is proudly manufactured in
the United States of America. With a rich history of producing high quality appliances and a
reputation built on reliability, Sub Zero, Wolf, and Cove Appliances continue to raise the bar for
luxury appliances worldwide.

Refrigeration and Wine Preservation

Since 1943 Sub Zero has specialized in food preservation, working to provide better tasting and longer lasting food. In addition to food preservation, Sub Zero offers a refrigerator that is built to last 20 years and has 3 different series to create the perfect look for your home. These 3 series offer built-in, integrated, and stand alone applications, providing advanced design versatility.

The classic series is available in a stainless steel finish or ready to accept a custom cabinet front, which would be provided by your cabinet contractor. All classic series units also have a top grill above the doors where the unit’s compressor is located. When the classic series unit is installed as stainless steel, the brilliant stainless finish with the Sub Zero badging creates an eye-catching piece in your kitchen. When installed as panel ready, with a custom cabinet front to match your kitchen, the unit is concealed and blends with the surrounding cabinetry.
The Designer series is sold as panel ready only, which means you can purchase Sub Zero stainless steel fronts and handles separately or you can have your cabinet contractor build a custom cabinet front. This series has the compressor located at the bottom of the unit which eliminates the need for the top grill panel and provides 1 tall door. The height of this single door front can be adjusted shorter to match a higher adjacent cabinet toe kick or taller to extend above the unit to provide a grand appearance of a much taller panel. The designer series also comes with an articulating hinge which allows the door to open within the width of the unit, which means the unit can be installed completely integrated with the adjacent cabinetry, creating a very clean look. This clean look is typically used in modern and contemporary design concepts where the refrigerator is completely concealed and looks like a cabinet.
The Pro Series is available in stainless steel only, and with its bold commercial design, it is the choice of many cooking enthusiasts. These units were designed to make a noticeable impact on a kitchen, with a vented top grill, exposed robust hinges, and Sub Zero badging the pro series is sure to make an impact on any room. The pro series refrigerators are also available with glass doors which is a feature unique to this series. This is also the only series that the refrigerator can be installed free standing and has stainless steel finished end panels available.


All Sub Zero are built in the United States with high quality material, and come
standard with an industry leading 5 year warranty