The Brand

Speed Queen has been manufactured in the United States for over 110 years. The brand has a long standing reputation of producing laundry units that wash better and last longer. This is achieved by testing units for 25 years of use, this testing ensures high quality results and reliability.


All speed queen washers are built to withstand commercial use. A coin dispenser can be added
to any unit when used in a commercial setting.Speed Queen offers 3 series with different
settings, warranties and price points.

● 3 series
● 5 series
● 7 series


Speed Queen dryers come available as either electric or gas and are offered in 3 different series.These machines are built to last, while providing top quality care for your clothes.

Pet Care

Speed Queen pet care units are specially designed to remove pet hair and odors. These units are built for pet owners and shelters delivering high performance solutions for pet care.


All speed queen washers and dryers come with either a 3, 5 or 7 year warranty.

● TR3003 & DR3003 – 3 year parts and labor warranty
● TR5003 & DR5003 – 5 year parts and labor warranty
● TR7003 & DR7003 – 7 year parts and labor warranty
● FF7009 & FF7010 – 5 year parts and labor warranty
● SF7007 & DF7004 – 5 year parts and labor warranty