The Brand

In 1899 Miele appliances was founded in Germany by Carl Miele, with his vision to create high quality appliances for the residential sector. Since then, Miele has grown into a worldwide company with products in all major kitchen appliance categories. Miele appliances are offered in multiple styles that lend themselves to all kitchen designs, they also offer some of the most intuitive control interfaces and programmed cooking options.

Miele Dishwashers

Miele dishwashers are the flagship of the brand, as they are recognized for producing some of the highest rated units. These units provide a wide range of settings to clean everyday used items to delicate silverware and wine glasses. The end result is spotless and dry dishware with every load. Miele’s dishwashers are available in a stainless steel finish or panel ready.

Coffee Makers

Miele offers a wide variety of built in and counter top gourmet coffee makers. These are available in different design options, colors, and functions. Miele coffee machines are created to grind fresh coffee beans internally then can create almost any drink available at your local coffee shop. These units come available plumbed or with a water reservoir and also include a glass milk container for Latte and cappuccino drinks.

Miele Cooking

Miele offers a full spectrum of appliances for cooking, including professional ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, steam ovens, microwaves, and ventilation hoods. The professional ranges are one of the few ranges that offer a contemporary look. This look meets technology when you illuminate the interface and it mechanically opens to provide easy use. When it comes to the wall ovens, all units are built to install flush with your cabinetry and are available in 4 different design series, Art Line, Contour Line, Pure line and Vitro line. In addition to 4 different design options, the wall ovens come available in different finishes.The different finishes are Brilliant white, Clean Touch Steel, Graphite Grey, and Obsidian black. Miele’s wide variety of design options and finishes provide endless combinations to differentiate from other brands.

Miele Refrigeration

Miele refrigerators like their cooking, are designed to integrate with your cabinetry as all units can be installed flush and cabinet panels can be added. Brilliant lighting and master cool technology are a few things that anchor the Miele refrigerators. Master cool technology provides separate refrigeration systems for the refrigerator and freezer all in one unit. This versatility allows for separate cooling compartments which can help to make food last 3 times longer.

Laundry Appliances

Miele offers compact laundry for residential or commercial full sized units. Like all of their kitchen appliances Miele takes pride in building an appliance that provides superior cleanliness and dependability. Miele also offers a variety of specialty items such as tumble dryers, rotary irons and endless accessories to transform your laundry room to an area where laundry duties can be performed very efficiently.

Warranties - Standard and Extended Options

Miele appliances come with a 2 year parts and labor warranty for all products except sealed refrigeration units which carry a 5 year parts and labor warranty. In addition to the attractive warranty that comes standard, Miele also offers extended warranties that can be purchased to cover products for up to 5 years.


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